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Applying To an Existing Team

Participant Requirements
Team Selection
Safety Management
Cancellation Policy
Applying as an individual


Participant Requirements

  1. Construction skills : We do not inquire about participant's construction experience or abilities
  2. Age : Any person 16(including 15 years in high school) years of age or older is eligible to participate, and there is no maximum age limit. Those under 20 years of age must either be chaperoned by a guardian (or leader assigned responsibility by child's guardian in writing) or participate as a member of a team from a school or other club. In the latter case there must be at least 1 adult to every 5 participants under 20 years of age.
  3. Language skills : English Fluency for speaking & writing communication required.
  4. Volunteer Supporter : All GV volunteers must be registered as a House Supporter or a Volunteer Supporter. However, if you have already registered as a supporting member or supporting group, there is no need to re-register as a volulnteer supporter. For more details , please click here to read.
  5. All Participants must agree with the following. :
    ♦ Habitat for Humanity is not a travel agency. Volunteers and Habitat cooperate together to create the Global Village as partners by fulfilling the roles and responsibilities of each other.
    ♦ The Global Village program has been developed based on the Habitat's vision "A world where everybody has a decent place to live", and is operated according to the principle of Habitat. Participation in the program means that you respect and accept the vision and policy of Habitat.
    ♦ The team's request may not be always fulfilled because it is necessary to keep a balance of a team's demand with the needs and the situation of the hosting country
    ♦ All participants must agree and sign the 'Release and Waiver of Liability Form' to participate.
    ♦ Habitat for Humanity Japan can not support any procedures of traveling abroad including obtaining visas. It is each team's responsibility to confirm with an embassy for the visas. However, HFH Japan may issue needed "Recommendation letter" to apply for visas (excluding the matter needed the notarial deed).


Team Selection

Please see the "List of existing GV Teams" for all the teams traveling from Japan. The ones indicating "Opened team for individual participants" on the remarks section are the teams which you can apply to join. However, please note there is no guarantee to be accepted as a team member as each team has its requirements. Also, please make sure to understand the below-listed Habitat's risk management protocol before applying to join any team.

Travel Advisories : please visit the sites listed below for overseas travel and visa information.
· Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

· Japan US Department of State

· British and Foreign Commonwealth Office

· Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

· Foreign Affaires and International Trade Canada

· New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Health Management : Habitat for Humanity International cannot offer specific health advice, and is not in a position to recommend medications and immunizations. Nor do we have any medical requirements for participation in the Global Village program. In these situations, we should always recommend that Global Village team members consult the following websites, as well as their personal physicians, and must determine individually what preventative health measures to take.
· Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare Quarantine Station

· Center for Disease Control Travelers' Health

· British Department of Health

· Travel Health Resource

· World Health Organization (WHO)


Safety Management

Habitat for Humanity Japan sends to the countries, area and construction sites where they have qualified the safety criteria. We provide orientations in the hosting countries and the volunteers would be working under supervision of the construction professional(s). Also, all participants are mandated to join the recommended medical insurance. However, all those practice doesn't promise the perfect safety. Please note that we may ask you to change the dates or the place of your trip in case of the sudden change in the safety situation of the destination.

* Please review the 'Release and Waiver of Liability Form' and the travel agency for the details.



Please consult the team leader directly in regards to the travel expenses such as costs air fare, in-country costs and participation fee, while it differs team to team.


Cancellation Policy

  1. If team must cancel...
    Regardless of the timing, we cannot refund the registration deposit of ¥150,000 per team. Cancellation 31-60 days prior to departure will result in a ¥10,000 cancellation fee per participant, in addition to the above mentioned ¥150,000 per team. Cancellation within 30 days of departure will result in all of your payments, except for the insurance premium, being retained by Habitat for Humanity. If you change the hosting country, the team is required to pay another ¥150,000 deposit to reserve GV in the new hosting country. The prior deposit (to reserve GV in the previous hosting country) is non-refundable. Please understand that this cancellation fee is to protect the hosting country and community from financial damages.
  2. If individual volunteers must cancel...
    Cancellation 31-60 days prior to departure will result in a ¥10,000 cancellation fee per participant in addition to the above mentioned ¥150,000 per team. Cancellation 30 days of departure will result in all of your payments, except for the insurance premium, being retained by Habitat for Humanity.
  3. If HABITAT FOR HUMANITY must cancel...
    In case the safety condition worsens in the hosting country or community, Habitat for Humanity will ask the team to choose one of the following: 1) change the hosting country; 2) change the trip date; or 3) cancel the trip and receive a refund. We cannot compensate you for any other expenses.

* Please note to refer to the travel agent for the terms and policy regarding the travel expenses (air fare and hotel, etc) related to the program participation.


Applying as an individual

Please apply using the form below once you chose a team which you wish to join. Habitat Japan will contact the team leader according to the information provided here and contact back to you. * To avoid miscommunication by the technical difficulties, please resubmit the form if you don't hear from us within 5 working days.

“ *) ” are required items to fill out.

Agreement to the above-mentioned forms*)
 I agree with the above-mentioned forms and apply.
Team name you wish to join*)
Zip Code*)
yyyy  mm  dd
Male  Female
Tel (Home/Mobile) *)





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